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I have no idea what hammertime is. Or how it differs from regular time.

    I have no idea what hammertime is. Or how it differs from regular time.

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    Tonight’s The Night.

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    This is pretty much just about the single most amazing Dexter thing I’ve ever seen.

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    Another photo from the new season. Click here to see more:

    Another photo from the new season. Click here to see more:


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    Photo from the new season.

    Photo from the new season.

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    Hey, so… I wrote an article. About Dexter. And it’s been published. Do me a favor and read and reblog. Tweet it. Put it on FB. Spread it around! It would mean a lot to me :)

    With the premiere of the sixth season of Dexter fast approaching, we figured it prudent to inform readers why exactly they should continue to watch Showtime’s hit series Dexter – and we’ve got some very strong reasons indeed.


    10. It’s going to be action packed

    If we can infer one thing from the teaser trailer, it’s that season six very well may be the most exciting season to date. There was nonstop action, a plethora of intense cut-scenes, and, get this – that teaser was made from only the first four episodes. If the first four episodes have that much power in them, one can only imagine what’s to come in the last two thirds of the season.

    9. We’ll be seeing a new type of big bad

    Dexter has given television some of its best villains to date, each very different and uniquely terrifying. The sixth season will be no exception, and will introduce one of the series’ most gruesome killers yet. The executive producers say he’ll be more along the lines of the infamous zodiac killer – someone who actually believes that what he is doing is right, and that he is serving a higher purpose…. not because he is plagued by a need to kill, and doing it just because he can. It’s a refreshing, thrilling, and enticing perspective on killers – but what exactly is Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall) going to do about this guy? With someone as remorseless as our new killer, Dexter’s chase for him is vying to be one the most paralyzing and intense storylines yet.

    8. The loss of boring subplots, and the addition of fresh ones

    It seems the writers got the memo – time to fix the mess of boring subplots. Arguably of the least interesting aspects of season five was the ailing marriage of Angel Batista (played by David Zayas) and Maria La Guerta (played by Lauren Velez). There was just so much going on that these two were the least of our worries, and at times the subplot even became a nuisance. All they did was argue, and their conversations never exactly got them anywhere. But as we kick off season six, time has passed, and we find out that their relationship has ended in an amicable divorce. A genius move, in fact – it means no screen time for their irrelevant relationship, and more screen time for the things that matter. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, it seems that there will be some much more interesting subplots added to the formula. For example, Vince Masuka (played by C.S. Lee), who has gone five seasons as the shows biggest perv and coimc relief, has a genuine storyline this year. He will be getting a love interest, in the form of female intern Ryan Chambers (played by Brea Grant), in what is sure to be a hilariously raunchy relationship. More fresh subplots come in the form of tons of new baddies for Dexter, who, judging by the trailer, seems to kill more people in the first couple of episodes than he did all of season five.

    7. “Demented Daddy Dexter”

    Having a child thrown into the works in the beginning of the third season was certainly a huge surprise, and it’s been quite interesting to see how Dexter dealt with the situation, between deciding to be there for him, attempting to be a good father, and then attempting to raise the child by himself. Thus far, Harrison Morgan has been too young to say a word and too young to show a personality, but that’s about to change. This year will be even more interesting in the world of “Demented Daddy Dexter” – since a year has passed, Harrison can now talk some, shows the beginnings of a personality, and is off to preschool. It’s an entirely new dynamic for the pair. Based on last season, it’s clear how much Dexter loves his son, and the fact that his son will be more of a character than a fixture now means that we’re in for a treat. Their relationship will undoubtedly going to grow by leaps and bounds, likely growing into something incredibly beautiful.

    6. The microscope on one of TV’s most dynamic brother/sister duos

    At the end of the fourth season of Dexter, Dexter’s sister Deb Morgan (played by Jennifer Carpenter) discovered one of Dexter’s biggest secrets: that her ex-fiancé, the Ice Truck Killer, was Dexter’s biological brother.  Many fans were looking forward to seeing how this was going to be dealt with during the following season, but the death of Dexter’s wife Rita Morgan (played by Julie Benz) put things on hold and the issue was never addressed. In fact, Dexter and Deb did not have much communication at all. But this season, it has been confirmed that there will be a microscope on their relationship. And thank God for that – the two have one of the best sibling relationships on TV. They are all the other has got left of their family, and under the surface of their witty banter, they have a masterfully crafted, deeply intimate connection to one another (re: the parking lot scene in season four, episode five). Deb always calls Dexter on his bullshit, and Dexter helps to ground her often-erratic behavior, so in turn they balance each other perfectly. Thus, it is always a joy to watch scenes including the both of them. But as time goes on, we get closer and closer to answering the inevitable question that we’ve been facing since the beginning of the series: will Deb ever find out who Dexter truly is, and what will happen when she does? This could very well be the season it goes down, and keeping in mind the talents of Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, it is not something to miss.

    5. The overall theme: What is faith?

    Harrison is getting older, and Harrison is getting smarter, so Dexter’s got to start thinking long term about how he wants to raise his son. For Dexter, this raises the question of religion – or more specifically, what is faith, what does it mean? Let’s think about the journey that brought Dexter to this question: seasons one through four, Dexter was inching towards ridding himself of the ‘need’ for his dark passenger. But the end of season four showed him that you can’t have it all, and that it’s a part of who he is, never going away. Season five was about rehabilitating him, more or less, and accepting his need. So season six it seems, ventures into the “What is my purpose on this earth?” territory. Because whether you believe in God or not, we all find ourselves wondering what our purpose in life is. Hence the question of faith that Dexter is wrestling with: “What am I here for?” It is such a universally puzzling question to everyone on this planet, and I can preemptively say that Dexterexploration and interpretation of this subject will definitely be one worth watching.

    4. The additions of the talented Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks, and Mos

    Perhaps one of the most crippling things about season five was the addition of guest star Julia Stiles. Unfortunately, she is one of those actresses that have many fans who rabidly love her, and many people who rabidly hate her. It risked (and actually did end up) alienating some fans. Basically, picking an actress that people have so many preconceived notions about for a show like this is just not a great idea. This year, however, we see the additions of Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks, and Mos (formerly Mos Def), among others. There are countless reasons to be excited for these guest stars – Olmos’ career is decorated with nominations and awards, Colin Hanks is the unarguably talented son of industry legend Tom Hanks, and Mos, although a rapper, even has an Emmy nomination under his belt. With these choices, the show doesn’t risk alienating so many fans, and instead is simply drawing in new ones. And based on that trailer, it looks like these three are doing quite the excellent job, bringing lots of fresh stuff to the table.

    3. The change in showrunner

    After the completion of season four, which quickly became known as having one of television’s most shocking season finales, we received an additional shock – Clyde Phillips, showrunner for the first four seasons, stepped down, and was replaced by newcomer Chip Johannessan. Now, no offense to Chip, but he may not have been the best man for the job. Having come off of series such as 24Moonlight, Beverly Hills,and 90210Dexter was completely foreign territory. The result? Season five, whether you loved it or hated it, truly felt like a different show. But soon after season five it was announced that Johannessan was stepping down, to be replaced by Scott Buck – the wisest move they could have possibly made. Honestly, Buck probably should have been the man who got the job in the first place… for those of you who don’t know, Buck is no newcomer to Dexter – he has been with the show since it’s second season, and is responsible for some of the series’ best episodes. Buck also worked with Michael C. Hall previously on Six Feet Under, where he also wrote some of that series’ best episodes. Simply put, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s going to deliver.

    2. “I’m feeling like my old self again.”

    You heard it right – Dexter Morgan is going back to his roots. He’s come a long way in five seasons, but a year has passed since then, and he’s had time to repair himself from much of the emotional trauma that the death of Rita and loss of Lumen (played by Julia Stiles) has put on him. He will in no way be forgetting or ignoring all the personal progress he’s made regarding his humanity, but he has decided to back to what truly makes him Dexter; to start over again, after all of this heartache.  So whereas season five was unusually dark, season six will be a completely departure from this. It’s going back to the Dexter we know and love – that man who is one of television’s most deliciously sarcastic, witty, dark, paralyzing, clever, terrifying, loveable and unique characters in existence.

    1. Michael C. Hall, the man himself

    And here we have it: the five-time Emmy nominee, star, and executive producer of Dexter, Michael C. Hall. An incredibly gifted actor, Hall is widely known as one of the best in the industry, his name being a staple of any awards ballot. No matter the season, Hall has consistently portrayed the character of Dexter Morgan to the point of perfection, and you can 110% count on him to continue doing so. Truly, no one could do it better. His handle on his character is unparalleled in the business, and – lets be honest here – is what makes the story of America’s favorite serial killer so damn good.  And that in and of itself is reason enough to watch.

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    Six-time Emmy nominee Scott Buck had writing and producing stints on HBO’s Six Feet Under and Rome before joining the Showtime serial-killer-with-a-heart-of-gold drama Dexter for its second season in 2007. He’s worked his way up from co-executive producer to showrunner (he was named last December) in advance of shooting the show’s 6th season that premieres on October 2nd. Dexter landed its 4th consecutive Outstanding Drama Series Emmy nomination this time around – the first Showtime series to achieve that particular feat. Buck spoke with Deadline TV Contributor Ray Richmond:

    DEADLINE: So Dexter had its highest ratings ever during Season Five. You averaged more than 5 million viewers a week between regular TV and on-demand. And yet a change is made for Season Six and you’re elevated to showrunner. Why?
    SCOTT BUCK: Yes, we’d just came off a great year. But the show that I was coming in to run had undergone a lot of changes by virtue of where the storyline was alone. I guess someone believed that it was time for a change and I’d earned the promotion. Though as I’ve never run a show before, it’s not a job I take lightly. I’m swimming as fast as I can to cut down on the learning curve.

    DEADLINE: Usually these transitions aren’t smooth.
    BUCKThat’s probably true. I feel fortunate in that regard. It was sort of a combination of my being drafted and volunteering. I’ve already found how different it is running a show from being an exec producer. In my previous job, the responsibility was wholly writing. With this, I’m supervising the writing and everything else. So it’s a lot more responsibility…and a little more money. Let me just say that it wasn’t a position that I eagerly pursued. I was pretty happy doing what I did before. Running a show is an entirely different animal. It’s very much a learning process, and I’m doing the best I can. Fortunately, I’m working with a lot of very smart, very skilled people.

    DEADLINE: So now Dexter has made Showtime Emmy history.
    BUCKI was here as a writer and executive producer, and these Emmy nominations aren’t something that anyone around here takes for granted. The day the nominations come out is always a big cause for celebration and going out for drinks.

    DEADLINE: Though it would probably be even cooler if you guys finally won in the drama category.
    BUCKOf course. But getting nominated every year isn’t too shabby, either.

    DEADLINE: How did you come to Dexter in its 2nd season? 
    BUCKI was working on Rome at the time when we’d all heard the idea that Showtime would be doing a show where a serial killer was the lead. It seemed like a ridiculous idea that no one should take seriously at all. I mean, it just sounded so hokey. But when I heard Michael C. Hall would be starring, it got my attention, because I trusted his judgment. It’s interesting the way the concept has morphed. The Dexter character has evolved so much season after season. He’s surprisingly different now than he was in the beginning. We had the writers all re-watch Season One before we got started this year of Season Six. We wanted to get back to some of that fun they had during the first season. It startled us how much Dexter himself had changed from those first few episodes.

    DEADLINE: What can we expect for Season Six?
    BUCKWe skipped ahead a year this season and cleaned the slate, and Dexter is finally done grieving the loss of his wife from the end of Season 4. He’s largely dealt with that now in Season 6. He’s put it in the past, and we’ll now be seeing a stronger Dexter than ever before. And hopefully, we won’t be killing off any major character this season. But top to bottom, from our cast to our crew, we all feel especially excited and energized and motivated this year.

    DEADLINE: You must get asked all the time when Dexter is finally going to wrap as a series.
    BUCKTo be perfectly honest, it hasn’t come up yet for discussion. I mean, we’re all confident that it will come up. But we’re not working toward the end just yet. How you’ll wrap is the kind of thing you want to know at least a season in advance, and we haven’t discussed it yet at all, so that should tell you something. Everyone will want to check in and they’ll all do it with a slightly different idea of what should be done. And we’ll definitely hear everyone’s thoughts.

    DEADLINE: So you’re running a democracy on Dexter rather than a dictatorship?
    BUCKI guess I am.

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